How to Login to your Local Instance of freeCodeCamp

Hi FCC Community,

I am brand new to FCC. Because I have limited online access, I decided to set it up on localhost. The instructions were good and it’s working well so far.

Then I wanted to setup Github OAuth login using the instructions at How to Login to your Local Instance of freeCodeCamp. I went through all the instructions and did everything except the steps in the “Tips” section.

But it’s not working. I redid the steps "pnpm run seed " and “pnpm run develop” but there is no login to Github offered. It’s the same generic “development user” one.

Any tips on why it is not working?

Also, do I need to do any special setup for when I want to save progress from my localhost setup to so I can claim any certificates?

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

Welcome @mettav :wave:

It is excellent you are venturing further to complete the curriculum :rocket:

What is not working? What errors do you see (if any)?

You cannot easily convert local progress to online progress. Specifically, you still have to pass all online tests in order to submit the Certification Projects. So, you can test locally whether you pass the tests, but you still need to copy-paste the code/project to pass online.

Note: Some of the certification projects require your application (project) to be hosted on a publicly available URL.


Why are you trying to set up log-in for a local instance of freeCodeCamp?
It will not help you save your progress, and it will not count towards progress.

GitHub OAuth requires internet access in order to authenticate and authorise you. So, that is why I ask.

What helps save progress locally is re-using the same database instance (database and collection) when running freeCodeCamp locally. (Running pnpm run seed will erase any progress you have).

Hi @Sky020,

Thanks a lot for your helpful and friendly reply!

There are no errors, but the login is not “happening”. It is defaulting to the generic development user. But it sounds like it is not important, as it won’t make any difference, as long as I stay logged in to the same user to save my progress.

It is interesting though, because I got the same thing working on localhost for The Odin Project (TOP) – I had to be online for the initial login but after that, it stays logged in offline. And your own guide for getting it set up is in fact for locally hosted sites.

Thanks for explaining how I will need to submit things online. Yes, I can get Internet access for uploading my work when necessary.