How to make a website respond to screen size?

So i was hired by my dad to build a website for his company. its actually been about a year since i finished the code camp lessons or even used HTML so im a little rusty. Any way i built the website . Most of everything on there is temporary, but i went to see if it was going to look right on a different screen and it definitely doesnt. How can i make the page resize to fit any screen?

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I would suggest starting with a mobile first approach when designing your website.

In codepen, you can change the view by changing the editor layout.

Then you can resize the browser window and you will immediately see that the image slider does not fit for smaller devices.

I don’t know much ,but I would suggest adding this tag:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1"/>

I am not sure if that will work, but we can try

You can you media queries to fix it:
Take a look at Responsive Web Design Images - W3schools

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