How to make webpages we create into viable products?


I started looking for Freelance work for some areas I already have some experience in and took the time to check out some work request. This led me to the following question:

How do you make the pages you can create viable for your client when they ask " I want a website"

Meaning that so far in the FCC path, we have created the page from the ground up.
However, this is definitely not what a client will want. He will probably want something in the line of automatically generated webpages based on the website you built.

How can you do that?
Any input/resources to better understand this would be much appreciated!


It sounds like what you are asking for is the using of a CMS (Content Managing System). A CMS is a tool which allows for easy creation of webpages with little to none experience in coding. Where you as a developer might be asked to setup and customize the tool to suite the customers needs.

One common one is Wordpress which I personally never used, but I get the feel that it is an easy to use tool.
I have som experience with EpiServer, often used to create a bit more complex web shops or marketing projects.

If you have completed the bigger part of FCC you could very well be ready to take on the challenges of a CMS. Try searching for tutorials and read up on the different systems out there. They are not all free to use, but there should be a bunch that allows time restrained trials or such.

I don’t know how common it is now adays with companies ready to pay for simpler static websites. The company I works with only targets medium to large projects for bigger organizations.


I am aware of CMS, especially wordpress,
So if I understand your post well, that means we should create static pages and websites following the CMS standards?

I will read up some more about that then, thanks for making the connection between these two, I will need to do some more readings.


I think it depends on whether you are hired as a web dev or web designer and what the CLIENT WANTS. Most of the time, when a client wants a website, all he really wants is just that: a website.

That’s why I don’t really understand what you mean by this: "However, this is definitely not what a client will want. "

I mean, why not? If all he wants is a website, why would he care?

Especially if it is a non-tech savvy person, he / she won’t care if it’s built from the ground up, using some kind of framework or whatever. Most people just want it to look good and don’t really care for the inner workings.

The only thing that he might want though, is the ability “to change stuff” by him-/herself which most of the time means including some kind of CMS, like mentioned earlier. In this case you should use something like Wordpress and should NOT try to reinvent the wheel, coming up with you own CMS. It’s nice for personal project, but if you are doing client work, you want to be able to pump out websites as fast as possible.

But yeah, if you were hired as a web dev, then the focus could very well be on the tech side of things.

In any case, each client is different and has different needs. So you really can’t know in advance what a client wants or doesn’t want and should just talk to your (potential) client. Simple as that.

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