How to Pass Front-End Dev exams?

I’m a bit lost. I don’t want to use the codepen template and create a react app in VS Code instead because I’d probably have to import a lot of external react dependencies and I would probably make mistakes there as I have gotten used to create-react-app. There is a CDN link for the automated tests but how do I run the tests to make sure everything works and implement it in react?

Once done, should I run a production build and put it on a github IO page and share it with the bot? Will that allow the bot to do the automated tests on FCC?

Take the cdn link and put it in your index.html file in vs code…after completing the tasks just upload the link of your localhost

You have to put it in a script tag right above the body’s closing tag if i remember correctly

<script src="freecodecamp-cdn"></script>

Ah, works now. Thanks! I’ll be able to manage now.

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