Using a CDN with React?

I’m working on the portfolio test projects for the Front End certification. I am trying to develop in VS Code using create-react-app rather than working in Codepen (just for the experience of setting everything up).

I have the link to the CDN from the test page: How and where would I include this in my react project? Everything I read talks about bundling stuff like that in script tags in my index.html page, but create-react-app doesn’t generate any html pages.

Put it in the HTML file inside the public folder.

There is also an npm package you can use if you want. It is unofficial but all it does is use Helmet to add the test script in the head element.

Thank you! Didn’t see the public folder with the html page. I was wondering where the tags were going to go. Figured they were all done behind the scenes. I’ll take a look at the link you sent!

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