How to pull changes from Github to CodeSandbox

I was not seeing my changes from Github pulled into CodeSandBox. This link suggested that I needed to commit the changes which i don’t understand.

But anyway, I tried but nothing happened when I pressed the Commit button here:

I tried to read through the rest of the document but I don’t understand…can someone help!

Thank you.

Try reviewing the webpage.

Git Committing and PRs
CodeSandbox allows you to import, commit and make a pull requests to GitHub repositories.

The webpage says:

For that reason we’ve made GitHub sandboxes immutable, this means that you cannot make direct changes to the sandbox itself. However, you can still fork the sandbox. When you create a fork of a GitHub sandbox we will still keep a reference to the original GitHub repository. This allows you to create commits and open pull requests from the forked sandboxes.

Quick Git commands.

Add changes to staging area

git add .

Commit your changes

git commit -m "Your message"

Push commit to remote repository

git push origin master
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