How to review what did I learn?

I’ve been in free code camp for 3 weeks, I feel totally forget HTML etc.
I consider reviewing now.
please give me some advice.

If you click on your avatar in the top right corner and then on the next page scroll down, you will see all the challenges you completed and can review the solutions there.
You can also click on the little calendar of the day you were doing HTML to quickly find the challenges related to that topic.

Edit: Also, if you click on ‘Map’ in the top right menu, it will show you a list of topics that you can review; Including HTML

I’m only just finished the portfolio assignment but I’m still playing around with html/css because I felt I was copying and pasting a bit much without understanding the process. But on the other hand, I could be doing that indefinitely so I’m just going to move on to js while reviewing via a good textbook I stumbled upon/

If I click on my Avatar in the top right a little box comes up (with book mark mail and settings logout etc.)
what do you mean “on the next page scroll down”

I mean click on your avatar on the FCC site. The forum site seems to be a separate site.
So go here first: and then click on ‘Map’ on the top right navigation bar

There you will see an overview of all the challenges/projects.

I get how to use the map feature I thought you were saying something about the forum and the avatar there.

found it, Thank you!

I recommend taking notes as you go through the tutorials. This helps you create a personal reference for when you start the projects. Definitely helped me. I also printed some of the code to reference, like the cat app.

Seriously… Make something. Stop watching video or writing notes, or reading. Just Make something.

Look at your favorite website, and try recreating it from scratch using just HTML, CSS and some images. I’m not talking about a working site, but one that just kinda looks like it… like a clickable prototype site.

Make your own Netflix or Amazon look-alike, or a CNN look-alike site. Or something like that… and just code. You will learn a lot and what you learn you won’t forget!

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