How to send app from 'Basic Node and Express' section?

I’ve started project on glitch from this link (it is from ‘Introduction to the Managing Packages with npm Challenges’) and coded solutions for ‘Meet the Node console’ and ‘Start a Working Express Server’ , but when i am sending project for tests ‘//runing tests’ appearing in console and nothing more happens.
link to project:!/basic-node-and-express
link that i am sending for test:

If I’m not mistaken it’s a known issue that is being worked on. A few Campers have noted this and, after playing around with it for a bit, I don’t think a request is being sent to the app at all when you submit it (I created a middleware to log responses and didn’t get a response at all).

In any case, for now the best thing to do is to check the log inside Glitch as well as going to the relevant pages (for example, for the second exercise) to see if you get the expected response.

Also note that your app wouldn’t run correctly as it is because there is an issue with the line you have written for the third exercise is not properly written. In addition, the __dirname global string has two underscores. :slight_smile:

Good luck!