Introduction to the Basic Node and Express Challenges help

Hi there,

Hope you all doing great , currently am doing this challenge am facing here problem that given glitch link contains bug i try to correct it it says not found
help me here

It should work if you log into glitch first (you can use your github) then click the starter link.

as soon as i open the link you provide it still show same and i haven’t even edit any code

It will show that until you serve the html in challenge 3.

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I remember if you do the first challenge in node , i thing you do console.log('hellow node") right?
nothing is there to visible on browser .
just copy that link and past in freecodecamp to pass the challenge.

1 edit app.js file
2 click on share
3 click on show
4 copy that link when you can see not found in freecodecamp , your test will be passed

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Thanks i will try am trying to understand that what i mess. Thanks for response @Eldhose

Go ahead ! all the best.

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it Work , Thanks man