How to stop the tooltip from popping up when I hover over a variable name with the built-in editor

Whenever I hover over a variable to highlight some text to copy/cut a tool tip pops up covering the text which prevents me from using my cursor to select text in the built-in editor for the certifications. I found that if I hit the esc key, the tool-tip goes away but the active window is no longer active. This prevents me from using shift click to select a block of text since the cursor disappears. Not the end of the world, just annoying and slows me down. If anyone has a better solution or work around, I would greatly appreciate the advice.

As soon as you click or move the cursor the popup will go away. There isn’t away to completely prevent the behavior because it is built into the third party editor that freeCodeCamp uses.

Thank you for the reply, sorry my reply wasn’t as prompt as yours. Also I may have been combining issues with the codepen editor as opposed to the FCC editor. That shouldn’t create problems since I’m migrating to github for future projects. Again thank you so much for getting back to me.