How to turn this design into code?

How do i turn this design into code?
i dont know how to make the head text and body text become 1 as 1 container

I don’t understand what “1 as 1 container” means.

What is your experience in web dev? Are you using any libraries/frameworks?

i just learn how to basic html and css, what i mean 1 as container is i want to make it like tweet box

i dont event know what is libraries or framework, i think i need to learn more deeper

You could use an HTML table, you could use CSS Grid, you could just use divs and spans.

I’m still not sure what you’re asking. All I see is a 2X3 grid. The right hand boxes have a title and body. Can you at least build a 2X3 grid?

I’ve made it using CSS grid, thanks for the solution

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