How to use Firebase?

I want to make a project using Firebase but I don’t actually know what it is, what it does or how it works. I don’t even know how to use it. I’ve seen projects with it before, it looks simple. Can anyone give me a detailed answer telling me about Firebase?

Firebase is a development platform from Googel that, among other things, gives you access to realtime databases.
Whenever data is updated in the database, whoever is connected to the db can see the changes live.
You can read more about Firebase on its official website.
It has various price tiers and I think that the free one gives a lot of stuff to start playing with it.


Firebase is a platform for app development. Firebase allows you to focus on building your app and its features, and less so on managing users, implementing and scaling a database, implementing and monitoring app analytics, etc.

Here is an introduction to the product:

Check out this Codelab from Google. In this Codelab you will build a chat application. You will learn how how to sync data using Firebase, authenticate users, hosting your app on a Firebase server, sending notifications to users and collecting application analytics.