How to use the informaton in practice?

I got through the scientific computing with python class and was excited to start the projects, but when I started I literally had no idea what to do.
Anyone else had the problem and solved it?

Did you take the previous Javascript class (not that its required, just curious)?

As the Python course is video based, you didn’t get a lot of options to think on your own, and even the exercises were video-based so you were still being lead by the reigns. You may have completely understood everything, but when left on your own you may not know what to do.

The reason I asked about the Javascript course is it was a test-module based class which means you actually have to code in order to pass the sections, so it required a lot more thought and problem solving. It also covered more simple programming concepts, where I feel the python course was more familiarizing yourself with the language and some interesting things you can do with it.

I would say its normal to feel stumped when you get to the exercises. I’d say start with thinking about the input you’re given, and what the output needs to be, and what you need to do to get from that point A to point B. Most of the time my programs start out on a piece of paper and a pencil, kinda flow-charting what needs done.

No I didnt take the Java Script, but I will consider taking it.
Thank you for your messsage.

No worries and good luck. The JS course may help. Otherwise, just take a crack at it, and you can always ask questions on here if you get stuck.

Will do. :sweat_smile:

Hello, this is Gulshan Negi.
It’s common to feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to do when starting a new project, especially after completing a course where the projects were more structured. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help from the course instructors, classmates, or online communities such as Stack Overflow or Reddit. Break the project down into smaller, manageable tasks and work on one task at a time. Keep in mind that programming is a process of trial and error, so don’t be discouraged by setbacks or mistakes. With persistence and practice, you’ll build your skills and confidence over time.

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