Scientific Computing with Python first project

i just finished Scientific Computing with Python and i learned everything in the course

but once i started with the first project (arithmetic formatter)i had no clue what to do, how could i improve .

So you finished it, yes?
Then how did you go from “no clue” to “enough clue to finish it”?

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what i meant is i finished the course but what i learned from the course didn’t help me to create the arithmetic formatter

the course introduces you to the basics of python, its syntax, but its form in the FCC does not offer practical tasks and challenges to adopt those skills and be able to use them in a live project such are the ones in the end, altho not as complex. The FCC Python section is part further step on a ledder regarding web dev and it assumes you have checked the prior courses in the curriculum. Mainly the JS section gives a good base and command of how to write and structure code, solve a challenge.
Me, having completed the prior sections, after becoming acquainted with the Python syntax and already having solid ground on problem solving, found the Python projects mostly easy and a delight to complete.
Your options are either look online for additional sources to expose you on solving python tasks, or get back to the begining of FCC courses and go in their natular order

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Pretty sure it did help you to write code and syntax :wink:

Didn’t it help you to solve the tasks? No and that is on purpose.
As a programmer you will be CONSTANTLY faced with issues which you cannot merely solve with your previous knowledge. So you gotta study, google, look for other sources.
The tasks don’t explicitly say this, so this might be confusion at first. But the idea is, that you go at the tasks not to merely reproduce what you already know, but that you have to learn new stuff to solve them.

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