Python course recommendations?

I’m going to change from FCC to learning python (until summer because at the moment I’m also doing a double degree and I’m finding it extremely hard to balance the three). Since it’s easier, will it help me with FCCs course? I feel like it’s too hard for me and I need to start with something easier, is python a better option to pursue as a beginner?

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What part of the FCC curriculum are you finding difficult?

Python is not easier than Javascript, while they may be different, they are both programming languages that follow the paradigm of object oriented programming. You will still have to learn about the basics of programming and while in many cases the syntax and semantics of languages may be different, python and js are both scripting languages that will be very similar to each other until you get a ways past beginner stuff.

I will add, though, that js tends to be better for beginners because you are able to see the result of what you do much quicker than with other languages. With HTML, CSS and JS, you can either code something up and open it in the browser right away, or you can use a tool like codepen.

I don’t know your goals as they pertain to programming, but I would really suggest sticking with what you started with and when you get stuck ask questions. Programming is hard regardless of language, but if you never push through and overcome the difficulties, you will never reach the level that you are striving for.

I hope this helps. Feel free to message me if you’d like, I’m learning too and have gone through the same doubts you are.

There are so many resources to learn Python just by searching google. There are great free courses you can find. The tutorials out there are just to teach you the syntax of Python. The only way to learn is by doing and creating your own projects. It does not really matter what language you learn first. Once you learn problem solving you can easily learn the syntax of a language is a couple of days and start writing programs. I recommend the FCC because it is not about the language, but working on your own projects and finding solutions on your own. Stick with FCC and you will learn after many hours of hard work.