Is it okay to skip to Python?

I’m currently learning CSS but I’m eager to study Python. I wonder whether I can study both pre-Python classes and Python at the same time. I want you to inform me if there is any REQUIRED class prior to learning Python on FCC curriculum.

Nope, you can jump right into Python :wink:
However the Python course is currently only videos, unlike the previous challenges with a built-in code-editor.

So I’d recommend to use additional resources and definitly have your own code-editor open to follow through the examples. Especially if this is your first programming language, the Python course can be challenging with the speed it goes through different concepts.
Hence it might also be worth checking out the JavaScript course, as it is very similar to Python and covers all the same basics but in small bite-sized tasks.

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Thank you for the kind and helpful reply.

If I was you skip for now and learn HTML and Java script. Python is mostly backend while Java script is both front and back. Or if your confident in these areas down load Visual Studio`s full package complete with Python to start coding and/or working on projects.

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