Missing something...?

Hello everyone, I have just finished the FCC Python for everybody courseware, I am now moving onto the Scientific computing projects but it would seem that what I have learnt from the course doesn’t even come close to the complexity that these projects require…

Have I missed something? I’ve also followed a 3.5-hour guide by amigoscode and even that doesn’t come close to the project complexity.

How do I go from learning the Python fundamentals to building the first project ‘Arithmetic arranger’ ?


Take it step by step, splitting task into smaller, simpler pieces, and do them one by one. That will make it easier to tackle. Complexity you are seeing doesn’t come from not knowing how to do those small pieces. On the contrary, it’s not being sure how to put them together and make something bigger. But that’s what project is for, to notice these things and figure it out :slight_smile:.

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Thanks sanity,

Is it okay/expected of me to do my own research for the projects or should the course ware provide what I need to complete them?

Generally, as I wrote, all the little pieces should be there. This doesn’t mean you are not gonna need to review, research something or simply ask to get better understanding of the topic. That’s okay and it’s a part of learning.

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