Difference in difficulty of Scientific Computing Python Projects

Hello everyone!
I just completed my fourth python project for the certificates. I started learning programming about 3 1/2 weeks ago, I’m already looking forward to the last project and see how long it will take me to finish it. While the first couple of projects (Arithmetic Arranger and Time Calculator) took me a while to figure out, I was able to finish them in about 3 days (couple of hours every day). The third one took me the longest so far (Budget App). I had a really hard time to figure out the spacing and it took me really long to understand that I had to round DOWN to the nearest 10 every time (which it specifically says so in the description, I just couldn’t seem to understand it until I read it for the 100th time). I was thinking that the projects from this point on will get significantly harder, since it took me so long to complete. The fourth one however was quite simple to understand and get done (probably only about an hour at most). Judging by the title of the last project (Probability Calculator), that one will probably take me a long time to complete aswell. However my point is the following:
Shouldn’t the fourth project (Shape Calculator) be the first one of the projects, since it is the easiest? I know that you can do them in whatever order you want, but I think most people start with the first one in the list. In my opinion it would be a really good starting project to put at the beginning of the list. Maybe some others think so too? Just wanted to suggest it, I love freecodecamp and learning to program so far, looking forward to all the other courses already!
Kind regards

why don’t you open an issue in github to discuss about it?

Sorry, I didn’t know that I’m not supposed to post suggestions in here and sadly, since I’m still a noob, I don’t have github yet either, since I didn’t need it before :smiley: I will delete the post of course if it shouldn’t be in this forum, sorry again.

discussions of the curriculum are welcome, it is just that for something to be done it needs to go on an issue on github

Alright, thank you, will keep that in mind for the future :slight_smile: