Scientific computing with Python Change?

So I just went through all of 60,70 lectures in this topic, and before at the bottom were 5 tasks to do. Arithmetic formatter, Time calculator etc. And as I finished the lectures and reloaded the course something completely new showed up. Learn String Manipulation by Building a Cipher and 91 steps showed. These previous 5 tasks disappeared and bellow that new courses started like Learn How to Work with Numbers and Strings by Implementing the Luhn Algorithm etc.

So can someone explain what has just happened?

thank you

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There was a course upgrade on the Python Curriculum (Scientific Computing with Python) check the FreeCodeCamp news link.
I was already 75% on the old version, looks like we gotta start all over.
But this new way looks way better because we actually need to write the code, this would be a better way to learn in my opinion.


Its kinda funny as I finished the course it started from the beginning. I mean extra practice doesnt matter but still I wanted to double check what is going on.

You can still access the video course at the bottom of the curriculum in the Legacy section, however, the projects are still in the new course:

Step #37 out of some reason not working

I had the same issue. Apparently print(char == ‘’) doesn’t work, it has to be print(char == ’ ') with a space between the ‘’

mine lost option to submit at all, there is no option to reset also, just gives blank bellow code

To earn the certification, you only need to complete the 5 certification projects under the “Scientific Computing with Python Projects” section. (It is currently listed second from the bottom. We are working on a fix to move it to the bottom of the list.)

If you feel that you learned enough with the old courses, go for it :slight_smile:

For the issue of some buttons not appearing, try:

  • Clearing the cache
  • Using a different browser
  • Using a different device
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ok if its only necessary to complete the projects then its not important if one or two slips. But yea this is actually better option then just listening to the lectures. Thanks for the update. And if we have Q with projects where should we post them

If you click the “Ask for Help” button, it will create a forum post in the appropriate category. Remember to include your current code with your question.


Thank you very much. And also appreciated for improving the course, now its 100 times better.


Glad to hear that! I hope you can learn a lot from the new courses. Good luck and happy coding :smiley: