Ideas for a Python project

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I have been learning Python through various sources and I’m struggling with the thought “what should I make out of it?” I have tried making Discord bot but it’s just monotonous for me to keep making a bot and adding some commands. Are there any projects which will challenge me as a beginner/intermediate?

I was thinking the same some days ago and decided to do all 5 projects of FCC’s Scientific Computing with Python. It was a great decision. They may seem boring or not very interesting but the problems are hard to solve, so It can increase your problem solving skills. I am on the second one. I will suggest give them a try.
Best of Luck!


Hello! In addition to the 5 FCC projects, you may want to try one of these in the FCC channel:

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Thanks a bunch @Mr.AI_Rohan and @AndyG!
I’ll get right into both of these. I’m not very familiar with the ways FFC forum works but marked the first reply as a “solution”.


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