Beginner projects to learn python

So I started learning how to code recently. After some time now i start to lose the intrest in learning and i think its because of a lack of real projects. So now my question do you guys can recommend me some Beginner projects that are fun but u still learn stuff? I know its kind of a weird question but rigth now creativity is at a level where i cant find cool stuff myself and I am really getting tierd after some weeks of learning only syntax with really small examples.

Would be really awesome if someone could help me out.


Well what are some of your other interests?
I have always found pairing programming with my other hobbies/interests is a great way to keep my interest going.

  • Like games? Make a simple game, maybe checkout pygame.
  • Chat alot? Make a bot for your messaging platform of choice.
  • Cooking? Digital recipe book. Check out the spoonacular API to add cool features.
  • On that matter, learn about lots of awesome APIs to use at ProgrammableWeb.
  • Write some command-line tools to help ease/automate your work day.
  • Turn those tools into a web application for others to use with Flask or Django. Or just make a GUI with PyQT, Kivy, or Tkinter.
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