Interesting Project Ideas

I’m an intermediate python programmer. I’m looking for interesting project ideas for my portfolio.

Hello @Haider556 , welcome to the freeCodeCamp Forums!

What kind of experience do you have with Python currently, and what kind of complexity are you looking to do?

Its easy to suggest something like building a complex GUI desktop application to run complex data analysis on web-scraped data to generate reports. But that might be way beyond what you want to do, or can do, or have time to do haha.

Or you could build a CRUD full-stack web-application for TODO’s using Python backed by some database to focus on core fundamentals.

Or you could build a CLI application to automate some tasks on your system.

Lots of options, lots of possibilities, but you want to pick something that your at least semi-interested in, and something close to what kind of experience you have, and that gets you closer to the level of experience your currently striving for. That way its something you’d enjoy working on, wont get too stuck, and be able to learn something :slight_smile:

The CLI option looks good. Can you suggest some project ideas based on this topic.

So a CLI project would involve knowing how to setup Python to run from the command line, possibly with some flags/argument parsing so it can be dynamic.

From there, you can do some stuff like:

  • go get data from an API and “do stuff” with it
  • do basic IO stuff, like delete/create/rename files
  • create an interactive game, from asking for inputs, performing logic to showing a response to the user. (This is how games used to be waaaayy back)

A CLI based app can’t do much in terms of visuals (unless you start using a fancy UI package, but I’d consider that much more advanced) but you can still work on your skills behind the scenes in making it work.

Thanks for the suuggestions. But can you be more specifics about the project topics. GUI will also work. I have learn’t tkinter.

It’s your project, you can build whatever you want.

I only pointed out possible areas you could build something in. Python is flexible in that you can use it for any number of use-cases. But if you start a project with 0 interest in doing, odds are you won’t complete it. So having at least some idea of what you want can help you start, keep you engaged enough to keep going, and give you a platform to add specifics as you go along.

For example, I can point out I know Google Cloud’s CLI client gcloud is built using Python. This CLI app allows you to do basically anything you can do in the Google Cloud UI from the command line. So you could go check your build statuses, create/delete load balancers/ view logging/ change security/ etc etc all from the CLI.

Obviously this is an incredibly complex application that has multiple teams/people working on it full-time and isn’t like something you’d build, but it is something that you could at least see how its powerful and useful even though its a CLI app.

It might not be the best example, as it is a crazy complex example to at least show you what is possible if you spent a lot of time on the subject. Hopefully that at least gets you going with the possibilities, but without you giving yourself some “idea fuel” you will probably get bored with whatever you work on as your not interested enough to start with it.

I’m sure you have some hobbies, maybe leverage those in some way or form and keep the scope of your project simple.

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