New Project Ideas

Hi… I have been learning Python for almost 2 months now, But when it comes to creating a project, I have no idea where to start and what to start. Can anyone suggest me what should I learn and suggest me some good projects to start with?

Well, any truly “great” ideas anyone has, they aren’t going to share.

But I would say to just build stuff. Don’t worry if it is a great idea. Employers won’t be judging if you are a great “idea person”. They have people for that, visionaries that come up with that crap. What they want to see is that you write clean code that solves the problem well. So just build stuff. Don’t worry if it’s unoriginal.

A search will yield some ideas.

I might add to build things that you might like. I had a problem where I had to make calls around the world and was having trouble comparing timezones - so I wrote an app to create a table of the hours in two selected timezones and compare them. I wanted to get better at the metric system so I created a little mobile game to quiz on metric/imperial. (My first React Native app, that got me some freelance jobs, and those help me get my current job.) I’ve been playing sudoku recently and was curious about building an app. I’m working on the entry and validation. Next I want to see if I can get it to solve the sudoku.

None of these are terribly groundbreaking or original. But they don’t care about that. They care if they are coded well.


Well, freeCodeCamp’s Python projects are live now…


Here is a long list of simple stuff to create.

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