HTML and CSS coding methodology

I am cloning TechCrunch website, and I want to know the best technique or methodology to create a website or clone a website.

Should I write all the HTML first then move to CSS?
For example, code the nav HTML and CSS then move to the next section and code its HTML and CSS until I finish the website?

How do professional front-end developers proceed?

What is the fastest and the most efficient way to code in HTML and CSS?

Are there any standard procedures?

Yes, code the big picture first, then work on the finer details later.
Work on one section at a time.

In reality, you’d be jumping back and forth on html and css while working on a section/div of your site.

Would also help if you’re using LESS or SASS (saves a lot of typing, and you can see the specificity and hierarchy of your css styles), that auto-compiles/refresh your browser if you change a CSS property.

Browser Dev tools are also a big help… temporarily code your CSS using the browser dev tools, then once it’s good, copy and paste the css snippet into your actual css file. Save the file, css recompiles, and then your browser auto-refresh with the new changes. Rinse and Repeat.

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