Html and css feel so hard to master

Hi, I have gone through the html and the css in curriculum(excluding flexbox and grid). I still feel like Its hard to use, and designing my first page with html and css feel so hard to get good at, and i feel like I will never learn it. Does anyone have any tips and tricks on how to get better?

In fact, learning isn’t that much easy. If it was, everyone would become the greatest Front-end developer.

Also struggling with flexbox and grids means that you’re doing great so far. These are new and advanced features of CSS and no one can understand all of if at once. Just try to understand the only thing it said to you. If it seems complicated try other tutorials on these topics like another online websites or freecodecamp YouTube channel.

That would be helpful when you try to learn something in different ways .

Now that you have gone through the curriculum, you need to practice to understand. Here is a youtube channel full of easy tutorials you can follow along with to learn. Just make sure to pick one that uses only HTML and CSS.

This is how I learned. I understood nothing as I went through FCC till I started building the projects myself. Now I understand and thoroughly enjoy everything.

Best of luck!

I recommend being careful with tutorials. Falling code along videos is a different skill than designing code from the ground up.

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Hi @Nicke!

What worked for me was to start by building very simple small projects. For example, I made an image gallery with just two rows and six pictures in flexbox. I then experimented with it by creating different rows or columns, messing around with the flex properties just to see what happened.

The goal was just to learn. I never had any intention of creating a full fledged project. I just wanted to create something small with a few lines of code and mess around with it.

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Don’t aim to master something as your first goal, as you’ll find its too hard, too much, and takes too long. Instead, set up smaller, shorter, easier to manage goals. Instead of trying to master everything, just learn how to deal specific problems one at a time.
For example instead of designing an entire page, just setup the basic layout without any fancy CSS as best you can. Once the layout is finished, then you can move onto “spicing it up” with more fancier stuff you aren’t sure about.

Learning this stuff isn’t easy, its actually really annoying and hard. However I still believe anyone can do it with enough time, grit and an internet connection. It might take time to fix all the problems you run into and thats ok! All the challenges you run into, and overcome are what experience is made of and how you fully learn. Understand what your getting stuck with, learn about it, and overcome it and continue. The fact your feeling overwhelmed might just mean your trying to tackle to much and can’t identify what you specifically need to tackle.

Keep learning, keep building, keep struggling and your well on your way. Good luck! :+1:

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