Problems with CSS in projects

am I the only one who found CSS very easy while doing tutorials and extremely tough while doing projects? I am struck at the third project “product landing”. When I see sample provided by FCC in developer tool, I feel kind of cheating and I do not want to follow exact same thing. but when I try to style by own it becomes very messy.

campers please help me?
Is there any other tutorial which i can do to get better at css?

You are not the only one. Web dev is hard and FCC is more of a framework for learning. You are expected to make side trips when learning. And a lot of people find css to be difficult, arcane, and tedius. But it can also be insanely powerful and make apps look amazing. There are lots of web pages to look up specific topics. I founf the book CSS Mastery to be very good.

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It takes time and will only happen through practice. Look for tutorials (Youtube and elsewhere) where you can follow along. Don’t just mindlessly copy the code, pay attention. Every time you see something new or useful, try to apply it yourself to something. Like, say it at one point it shows how to center something. Take that information, make a Codepen and use it on something simple. Keep it simple and small, isolate the technique. Don’t focus on making something complete but just practice with small code examples. w3schools has some CSS Exercises which might also be good practice.

Theoretical knowledge of CSS is all fine and dandy but you won’t remember it until you use it.

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