Is CSS super confusing for anyone else?

I’m a total newbie who has been working on FCC for about a month and a half. I’m almost to the end of the Responsive Web Design curriculum. I honestly feel like I am learning a lot and really feel like I am starting to grasp html and the bare basics of CSS. With the constant practice in the lessons I’m picking up practical knowledge with html. The problem is CSS… it just feels like there are SO MANY properties that I get to any of the certification challenges and just sit there like a moron with no clue how to style my webpages. I find myself either googling every single thing about CSS, trying to just look through past lessons for any clue on how to start, and eventually just giving up and pulling up the dev code on the sample website for the challenge and just copy/pasting to get through the challenge with the hopes of a light bulb moment in the next section. But thus far, it’s pretty dark.

Any body else feel this way when starting out? I mean the lessons just feel like “hey make margin-top 19px, don’t bother asking why or what that means, just do it.” I mean I’m sure it’s great for people with some background, but for someone who is totally new it is really discouraging and makes me feel like a moron that I don’t know what is going on. Anyone else who entered the FCC curriculum totally green and found some other good resources for CSS that actually teaches it, please let me know. I am desperate to change careers and am REALLY enjoying learning coding so far, I just feel myself hitting this wall of “oh crap which of the 8,000 properties I’ve seen at least 1 time do I use here…”

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yes, CSS is a mess, and incredibly hard.
There are also tons of resources you can reference while you are building things


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