Html code in angular 8

Hello to All,
I tried to build a webpage in angular. So, I put html code in app.component.html and in index.html.

But blank page is showing. please suggest, to resolve.

All i want to display html code (paragraph text and images) on front end.

Thank you in advance

We would need to see your code to be able to help you. Do you have a Stackblitz or something?


You have an error:
Template parse errors

When you remove the | from the html, the page will render.

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Thank you. ArielLeslie !!!

I found the solution. Thank you for your timely help.
God bless you.

By the way let me tell you that this was the first time that I tried my hands on angular, I didn’t dare to try my hands on anything which requires such tools like node. But somehow I managed to complete my first webpage with html and css. It filled me with rejoice. And recently my last company colleague approached me for front end development and I took the opportunity. And started working on my first such commercial project. Thank you again. A big thumbs up. :+1: @abhishek

Congratulations an your first Angular project! I hope you like it.

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