Portfolio rebuild in Angular - feedback

View online: https://romugarportfolio.herokuapp.com/

Hi, while I work on the last certificate I take a break to rebuilb my old and ugly portfolio with all that I learn since I started in freeCodeCamp, sure has some issues with some browsers, and the projects inside they don’t work as expected and need to work more on them, but thanks to this community I believe that I have managed to improve my skills with web development. The portfolio it’s made with angular and hosted in a free tier in heroku. I’ve been looking for a job as a developer for a while, but so far without luck, I hope it will happen soon. Feel free to feedback and comment!:grinning:

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Styling is good. :sparkles:
I notice you put Angular down as a skill but you have no projects listed for Angular?
But the Portfolio is built with Angular I guess because the favicon is an Angular logo!

Thanks! Yes, Angular it’s the last framework I learnt, and the first project I made it’s the portfolio, now I’m going to try to remade some of the old projects with Angular, First of them the calculator, without using eval() and working more with the style.

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