Please critique my portfolio to oblivion

I built my Portfolio in AngularJS before I started freeCodeCamp. Please tell me everything that needs to be fixed! I was compressing images last night to speed up load time and saw that my footer moved, so Iโ€™m aware of that issue . Would love any suggestions on how to rearrange the footer. Thanks in advance!

@P1xt your input would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

You list responsive design as a skill, but your site isnโ€™t. Better to show than tell. My understanding is that most employers check your site on mobile first

Dig the colors, and the half-tone pattern in the back.

Yep! That is on my to do list. Right now the only responsive design example I have is one of the work examples.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I started reading the material design link and realized when I needed to fix on my site! I am still working through material related articles. I will make the other necessary changes right away. Thanks again!:slight_smile: