Feedback needed for portfolio

I have made a portfolio project for which I was hoping to get some feedback.
Here is the link:


Your opinion/feedback will be really helpful.

Besides, I’m trying to get a job as a front end developer but not getting selected in any. What are the things should I be doing to secure a Job? I realized that plain html css javascript won’t help. I’ve started to learn Angular from a Udemy course.

Here is my github account:

Kindly suggest me what’s necessary.

Looks awesome! Just one correction. The word “aesthetic” is misspelled. Otherwise it is very compelling.

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Wow that’s incredible. Now I feel like mine is crappy :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :poop: REALLY great job with the theme and the animations.

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First, check out the console. You have an error there.

Second, got to and check your site’s markup (it’s bad :unamused:)

Third, you can check what google thinks of your page’s speed: (not everything there you can fix, but at least it gives you some guidelines).

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Thanks for the feedback! corrected :slight_smile:

Thanks for the valuable links. Yes I haven’t been able to figure out the cause of that error yet. It’s related to the piechart. Will try again to fix that.
For the page being slow I should have used async and defer attributes I guess for the external scripts. And I have used a lot of different fonts from google fonts which is also responsible for the page being slow.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your kind words :slight_smile:

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