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I have been working on my front-end skills for a long time and I decided to complete one more project before exploring the great world of the back-end + React and Angular! :grin:

Here is a demo of the portfolio.

Here is a link to the code.

I would appreciate all feedback, negative or positive or any criticism. :sweat_smile:


Wow! Impressive work, full of interactivity, very well achieved responsiveness and successful use of colors and fonts :star_struck:… congratulations!

What I suggest is to use this tool to detect and correct some errors within the HTML code.

Cheers and happy coding!:keyboard::muscle:


Damn that’s impressive.

PS: you learned that from FCC right? Or there is some other resources?

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really nice man… the site looks so nice and beautiful… kudos to you man

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@Amine-oppa FCC provided the foundation and with help from other campers, I was able to delve into JavaScript animation, SCSS, and more! :sweat_smile:

Youtube and Google will always be your best friends when trying to learn something! :grinning:


This portfolio is one of the top ones I’ve ever seen.

I really love the animations you implemented in this. They are really smooth and they also make the page appear to be more professional.

Literally all I can say is that this is amazing.

Keep up the great work!

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I’m very impressed. Good work!

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How do you define a “real” developer?

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@craftyhydra I didn’t really know what to include as my caption. So I just put something quirky and unorthodox. :sweat_smile:

Perhaps I am just a robot. :wink:

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its such an amazing site. you really good. kuddos

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Does anyone have any suggestions on the animated background?
The main problem I encountered was making sure the button was still clickable though.

And does anyone have other ideas to display skills? Sure the SVG looks nice and is easy to show, it can become unresponsive on even smaller screens. Is there perhaps any way with or without CSS grid then?

I have a suggestion related to the animation. I like the animation as you scroll down the page and see the things pop into view. However, I think once is enough. Once the animation completes and I scroll back up and happen to scroll back down, most (if not all) of the animations should not repeat. At that point, the animation effect is redundant and distracting in my opinion.


Your portfolio looks and acts great! I am a designer who is learning to code, and your design looks really to the point, it is simple and clean and has a great interaction :slight_smile: The only thing I would remove is the word AND in your first introduction sentence( Hello there, and I am a real developer.), or is there a specific reason for it? Otherwise, keep the amazing work!:muscle:

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@tawka Nope, there is no reason at all… and I guess without the “and” it does sound better. Thanks for the feedback! :grin:

@RandellDawson I agree with you… furthermore, the change will only require a few lines of code which can be toggled off or on! :grinning:

Thanks for the feedback and honesty! :grin:

FYI - React and Angular are front-end.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the SVG animation? Is there any other fancy or different ways to display a name?

Also is there a more interesting way to style the animated background? :thinking:

Currently, it has squares turning into circles using keyframes and JavaScript. I want to keep using vanilla CSS and JavaScript since a button is on top of the background.

When I tried using, HTML canvas, the button always ended up not being clickable. If someone has a workaround, or simply a better design with CSS, please let me know! :grin:

@RandellDawson I meant that as, additionally React and Angular. :sweat_smile: Thanks for letting me know.

Wonderful Work. Cheers!

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I would like to receive feedback about my work

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