HTML-CSS Survey form issue

Hey guys,

I am working on the HTML-CSS mini projects to get some experience, but I am stuck on the survey-form assignment. I get 15/17 stories done, but I do not know which of these are the two that do not work.
I bet there is some small detail I am missing, but with my limited work experience in the field I just cannot see it.

I tried going step by step and undoing each of the stories to see, which one is acting up, but I still did not find the one that is causing this issue.

Can you help please?

Thanks lads

After running test, if you click on tests, it will tell you what you have failed.

Damn how did I not notice it, now I feel dumb.
Thanks mate though, I figured it out! :heart:
I was missing a “required” attribute in the name and email .

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