HTML element should have 2 paragraph elements as children

can help me,i dont understand this,i am do something wrong?
The main element should have two paragraph elements as children.

children elements are nested inside the parent element in this manner:

    <child 1> </child 1>
    <child 2> </child 2>

note that parent and child are not actual HTML tags I am only using them as an example for the structure

Have you added the “main” tags to your code? Add one at the beginning, before the “p” tags, and then one right at the end after closing the second “p” tag. This is what they mean by wrapping up your “p” tags in the “main” tag.

Hey doni,

You can write like the following:

    <p>Some Content</p>
    <p>Some Content</p>

The above code represents HTML element should have 2 paragraphs elements as children.

Hope that helps.