The main element should have two paragraph elements as children?

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I have an issue of one of these tests where I need to make the

element as a child of the element. Problem is I don’t know how to make this into a child element for main. Could someone help? Screenshot link to my code since I don’t know how to share it properly

In HTML and CSS, if you nest an element into another element, it become’s its child. For eg.

In the above, “body” is a child of “html”.
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Thanks. It helped I made a bad mistake on the organization of it.

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i am having the same problem. can you please explain how you found a solution? i am stucked here

will you be willing to put me through this course via a IM please…

you can instant message the FCC team and learners (like me) from here:

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thanks… hope you are doing ok

I M struck with same problem

Your screenshot is not working

When referring to a child element, it simply refers to being nested, or placed inside of the element it is referencing.


           <p>Some text here</p>
           <p>Some more text here</p>

So because the <p> elements are inside of the <main> elements opening tag (<main>) and closing tag </main> the <p> elements become child elements of the <main>. Making the <main> element the parent to both <p> elements. Because both <p> elements belong to the parent element of <main>, it would make them sibling elements.

If you would like more clarification feel free to ask!


how to make child element? i had tried all possible trick i had. help me

Had the exact same problem, and after hours of tinkering found that the problem simply is that you need to start the main tag and the top of the first paragraph under you <h2>heading, and end the tag at the bottom of your second paragraph


Thanks was about to give up.Seems like a very important lesson

hey Venitha995,
i just wanted say thank you. I was stuck at this level for hourrrrrs Omg. I got several suggestions on how to go about it but none was able to explain it (too apt and direct) like you did, so thank you again!!!

Put your 2 p elements in the main element.
“The main element should have two paragraph elements as children”