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I have completed the project, Tribute page, and have run the Test which shows the result as “Tests 10/10” and its color is green. After this I can’t go to the next project.
How should I know whether the project, Tribute Page, is complete and correct or not? I request you to please see the matter and advise me accordingly. Lot of days have passed and I am not moving forward. I shall
be grateful. Thanks. Iqbal

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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did you put the link to your project and pressed I've completed this challenge?

if you want to get better, instead of saying it is finished as soon as all tests pass, you can ask in #project-feedback how to make it better

I have put the links as shown:

Written and coded by Iqbal Khan.

I have pressed the `I've completed this challenge` ? but there is no reaction. Ofcourse there is every chance of improvement. I would love to have the feed back for getting better. Thanks a lot for your interest and guidance.

you need to submit the link to your project in the text field above the button, then you can press the button to say that you have completed the challenge

Thank you, thank you a lot! you are really a magical girl. Seriously I am not joking. please don’t mind if you feel something wrong in my reply. I am grateful to you. I hope to avail your guidance in my other projects. In your second mail you mentioned," you can ask in #project-feedback how to make it better". I would love to learn more about this.
Thanks again. Iqbal

the #project-feedback subforum is there for people to ask feedback on their projects, so that they can learn and make the projects better

Thanks for your reply, I will get in touch as soon as I complete my other project. God bless you. Bye…