Kindly assist me with this challenge. I have tried everything there is but still can’t get it right!

Sure, but what’s your struggle? Can you explain it better?

@jenrodrigues Hey how ever much I try to input

background: var(--penguin-skin);

this is what I get…
Could it be a big or am I doing something wrong???

Hello, @Bshaddie :slight_smile:

I have re-edited your post below for readability purpose. When you add a piece of code to the topic or post, make sure they are wrapped in pre-formatted text. That is because your code could show differently in the post. In your case, it was only showing one dash, instead of two. But, I can see that you did actually typed in two dashes.

I can say that you have written this line of code correctly for the challenge, however, that if you did applied it to all requested elements.

If you have and it is not working, it could be down to few things.

  1. Make sure you do not have any applications or extensions that could be interfering with the test, such as ad blockers. Check in your browser settings for this.

  2. It is recommend to use the Chrome browser, if you are not using it, try it out there. If Chrome does not work as well, then try any other browsers

  3. Worst case scenario, try a different devices including tablet or mobile devices. It is not ideal, but it has worked for someone else.

Hopefully this will help you. Good luck! boy oh boy! Thanx for your advise. I changed my browser and managed to pass the challenge. Mucho gracias :sweat_smile:


De nada. :slight_smile: I am very glad to hear that has now been solved.

Happy coding! :computer: :computer_mouse: