I added some more simple stuff to my portfolio page

Still struggling a little on this. The thing is I don’t write a code into my project until I know what the code does to it.

I still need to add the other parts but I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far.
Please take a look at it and let me know how it looks and if you have any suggestions.

Looks Great, but the buttons on the top right dont work?

No, because I still haven’t added the other parts of the page, so they don’t link to any other part of the page.
Thank you!!!

This code will help you with your buttons and some cool click stuff I wrote. These are all just shell examples feel free to change them with your own buttons element ID ETC

    alert("Annoying Pop-Up");

    console.log("Shows New Quote");

$("input").keypress(function (event){
if(event.which === 13){
    alert("you pressed enter");



$("button").on("click", function(){

need help with the

Wow…That looks like Chinese for me…not there yet…
Need to understand what all of it does…

Well when you get to Jquery it will help. Its basically saying select something in my HTML “H1” and when you click it triggers a function such as showing your information or contact. You could do it in vanilla JS just its written as add event listener click. Sorry did not mean to confuse you

Oh, no problem… I will analyze it. I didn’t notice at first, but I recognize jquery now. I already did the Jquery part I just didn’t recognize it…Thanks for the input