I am a high school graduate, I need a job in Tech

I am a high school graduate here in Nigeria. Programming is what I love and will always do. I have 3 years experience with Python, Django and know a little in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, I could do an image recognition system.
I currently don’t know what to do because I am not making money with it. That made me to start learning React.
What do I really need to learn to get a job in Tech. I want to get a job right now. Should I switch over to React. Please help!!!.

Without a degree, you need to build a good portfolio. Based on discussions with people from Nigeria, it might be harder to get a job there without a degree. It’s hard enough to get the first job anywhere, but I infer that there it is even harder without a degree. I would talk to some people in that area, find some tech meetups, talk to other developers and see what they think.

My general advice, not accounting for Nigeria, would be to work hard to develop a good portfolio. Keep building things and learning things. I would also say that imho it is slightly less difficult to get hired for your first job doing front-end work, so learning React would be good. Having experience with a b/e (Django) will make you even more desirable for front-end work. Don’t get me wrong - the first job is insanely difficult to get - but that does improve things a little, imho.

Of course, you might also consider getting a degree.

Those are just my thoughts. But that is largely based on my experience in the US. I would look for developer meetups in Nigeria or look for online forums where you could ask locals. Another option would be to find local developers on something like linkedin and ask them. Some will ignore you but a few will answer. That could be an amazing resource.

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