I am little bit discouraged

Hello campers. I’m really struggling with JS such as ES6, algorithms and concept of JS. So I decided to take a break from fcc JS and learn JS from other resources and planning to come back to fcc JS after I am ready. Is fcc JS hard or am i cannot learn js? I am bit discouraged.:sleepy:

What are the good resources on JS?
w3school Js is good?
Does CS50 course of harvard could be the good background of Js?

And what other resources can u guys recommend ? thank you.:relaxed:


JavaScript is a full programming language. If you started learning with the freeCodeCamp curriculum, you likely started with HTML and CSS - those are markup languages, which can be tricky to learn, but often much less difficult to grasp conceptually than a programming language.

There is also a lot to learn. When I went through the freeCodeCamp curriculum, I did not use other resources, so I don’t have any course recommendations (I do believe CS50 does not cover JavaScript, though). However, I will say that the curriculum is very comprehensive in it’s coverage of the core fundamental concepts of JavaScript.

I would suggest that you not worry too much about remembering every method or syntax you learn - even when you become a professional, experienced developer you will still need to Google things. Instead, focus on understanding the core programming concepts the curriculum is teaching - things like how strings and arrays work, and how classes work.

Algorithms are also tricky - they require you to think algorithmically. That, in and of itself, is a skill. But keep practising, and keep studying, and you will get there. :slight_smile:


Hi @sainoyut0!

It is totally normal to struggle with javascript.

You just have to give it time.
Plus this is your first programming language so there will be a learning curve.

Patience and practice is key.

For videos, I would recommend anything by programming with mosh or brad traversy. They are both on youtube.

For algorithm practice you could try codewars
Start with the 8kyu beginner level problems.

I have also used these resources

I personally felt like it was good for the basics like loops and stuff but not as in depth as other sources.

I took cs50 and it teaches the basics of computer science.
The newer version just added javascript back in. I did last year’s version and it included c and python.

But from what I can tell with the new version is that it is only a week for html,css and javascript.

Hope that helps!


check out https://www.codingame.com/training

they have puzzle games, different approach, may help break you out of discouragement by building confidence over there.

try an easy game puzzle that looks interesting to you

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Thank you. I will try my best.

Your advice really helped me a lot. Thank you very much.

ups and downs always expected, especially when learning something so unnatural as programming language.

Here if you understand this, then you’re way ahead!:

Also more practice from noob lvl and up:

I salute a fellow warrior in this battle of perseverance and hope, the future awaits for a better you!

Be Blessed my brother!

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I think JS is kind of hard.

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Yeah it’s not your imagination the JS certificate is really hard, w3schools tends to be friendlier, you should use lots of different resources things will make sense eventually.

Udemy courses tend to be beginner friendly.

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