I am making a flappy bird game, If i will need assistance then pls help me

OK pls


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Please provide more context, a link to your project, more infos

Ok, I Will send link, But i have made it only of the first five minutes

This is the link. Pls help me because the video was showing that there is a doodler created and a background of yellow. If you need repo link then tell me

As you can see it is showing blank

even when the code is like i have printed and written it from youtube aka all of it is correct

You’ve applied this to your grid class:

.grid {
  baground-colour: yellow;

Still Then it is not coming

This might be due to typo in your code,
I found this at console of your link

it should be document.queryselector …
and as far as I know, Javascript stops as soon as there’s an error, so this may be the problem for not loading rest of the page

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for your help

it is still not coming

Another error

document.createElement takes argument as tagname, you’ve given '.div' which is not a html tag.
refer Stack Overflow to add class name.

To view this type of errors, right click and select inspect, then click on console or follow this or just search for how to open browser console for your browser…

ok i will fix that, and b y the way, i have downloaded VS code so i will start writing my code there

https://teamcode123.github.io/doodlejump/ see this link and tell my me errors pls but i am checking right now and it is not showing

This is app.js on your page, It has created div with class doodler, but you have typo in background-colour, It should be color, Fix it and you’ll have a box with red background color…

LET ME try and see if that works

Hey guys, Guess what! It worked. Not resolving this cause i may need more help in this

Hello there. I encountered a problem in my code in VS code

My let in javascript is declared but it is showing that its value is never read. Why is that so?

Pls help me as i can see only on platform

this is my webpage

Have you tried fix suggested by VSCode?