I am struggling with understand the keyword "this", and understanding getters and setters

You’ve read the title, and know it. I am super confused with all of it, I came across a suggestion that I pause ES6 where I am right now, and to skip over to Object-Oriented Programming in order to understand the fundamentals, I don’t know why, but I’ve got a feeling that I’ll be even more confused since I will not have the lessons covered, the concept of getters and setters in general confuses me.

Is it normal? I am struggling very frequently in JavaScript lessons, much more than I have ever done so in HTML and CSS. Am I spending too much time on single lessons?

they are not used later, so you can skip forward

it is not an easy concept, so yeah, go forward, learn other things, go back now and then and see how it has changed

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Thanks! I am struggling much more with JavaScript lessons than I have with other ones, so it is sort of discouraging, but thanks, I’ll return and reflect in the future.

JavaScript is a programming language. HTML/CSS is only markup, it’s normal to find a programming language more difficult

if you want to chat for encouragement, you can join the discord server :slight_smile:

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Thanks!!! :smiley: How can I join the discord server?

if you google it you can find it :wink:

but, here

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Thanks a ton!! :slightly_smiling_face: :smiley:

It is totally normal to struggle with your first programming language. But overtime certain concepts will start to make more sense.

If you want more practice, you could try codewars.
I really enjoy this site.

After you create an account, go to the link above and set the preferences for challenges like I just did

This will ensure that you are starting at the beginner level (8kyu) and that you are only dealing with the highest rated challenges (kata).
You don’t want to waste your time struggling to solve a problem when the issue was just poor wording or structure. Stick with the highest rated challenges.

Also they have all of these categories (on the same page) for specific types of challenges like arrays, language features, strings, etc.

It might be a good idea to start with those.


Thanks!!! I’ll check it out.

Is 1kyu the start or is 8kyu the start?

8kyu, like in the screenshot above

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JavaScript Classes Tutorial - YouTube this video was helpful to me