I'm having a tough time on the ES6 section

I breezed through the javascript basics and HTML/CSS; however, the ES6 section is very confusing and hard for me to understand. It feels like the level of difficulty skyrocketed after ‘Basic Javascript.’

Has anyone else had this problem?

Is it possible to understand this section more if I skip it and then come back?

Yes,I found it confusing as well as I was starting that section.

I think it takes some time to really start to understand the syntax and features,but as soon

as you have solid knowledge of ES5 and its concepts it will be easier to use,at least that was my case…

I don’t know what are you having confusion with? Which concept is the most difficult for you?

The whole section has been a slow and confusing process, but right now I am confused over constructors, this, and especially the getter and setter exercise.

You can find some other resources beside FFC if you don’t understand from the challenges.

There are a lot of resources about es6,I can recommend you

You don’t know JS,in 3rd book there is everything you have to know about this and objects,but read every book,it is worth it…

I feel that, I would also recommend JavaScript30 - https://javascript30.com/

The instructor covers alot of cool projects and uses ES6 throughout, it’s great practice.