Am I the only one who finds ES6 hard to learn

So after finishing the html and css I started the JavaScript course a while ago …

and learning basics was not much of a deal, it was not too easy and not too hard either …

as I was starting to get a hang of it (The variables, functions, objects, loops, recursion…), they introduce the ES6 …
it is different from was I’m used to learning from basics(ways)
it also feels rushed with few challenges
yes I’m able to finish the lessons by following the instruction but I don’t exactly understand how it works

Am I expected to use only ES6 from here on?
And should I look up a tutorial to learn this section or will it be easier in the coming lessons ?


ES6 is important and it makes things super easy by using arrow function, destructuring etc .Once you learned the concepts things will be more simple

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Hi @geeth9792 !

It will take some time to get used to.
I will also link some additional resources for learning.
But eventually, you will need to use es6 features later on in the course.

The FCC curriculum was written a few years ago when es6 was still new.
es6 came out in 2015.
Since a few years has passed, es6 is just standard in javascript.
It’s something you have to learn.

Lot’s of people struggle in the beginning.
It’s normal.

Just take it slow and you don’t have to go for complete understanding of the concepts right now.
It just takes time.

Here are some other resources.

Hope that helps!


That’s reassuring to know

oh, I’ll be sure to check it out then…

and thanks for the resources : )

Same history, came here to the forum to find if someone else is struggeling, seams like quite the leap. Glad I´m not alone! :smiley:

May I ask if you made any noticable progress and what helped you the most?

Back in HTML and CSS I considered the tasks quite doable, but when it came to the challenges I was baffled. Yet I managed to put the pieces together somehow. Guess this drawbacks will come as difficulty itensifies as a mark that we need to dig deeper! :slight_smile:

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