When you do ES6 course

When you do ES6 course, can you really understand every course? why I feel I can’t understand most of that? I mean when I do the test most of them maybe I need to watch the hint then I can understand a little. if I don’t watch sometimes I never can solve it by myself. :joy: did anyone have the same problem with me ?

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Hi @ling1 !

It is not unheard of for people to struggle with the es6 section of the course.
My recommendation would be to come to the forum with the challenges you are struggling with.
You can also watch other videos on the subject. to get a better understanding of the material.

Programming with Mosh and Brad Traversy have a few youtube videos on es6 concepts that are great for beginners.

Hope that helps!


ok , thank you for your recommendation. I will watch that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m moving my suggestion to your profile

It is completely normal. I had a slight programming background and I was confused by some of that. As mentioned you’ll learn better by doing a little side research. Looking at the solution is cheating. Googling things to understand is 100% not cheating - it’s something professional devs do all the time and is an essential skill. After you solve the challenge, then is a good time to look at the solution and see if they did it differently.

But don’t feel bad if it is difficult - this is difficult work. That’s why it pays well.

And just as a note, “ES6” is not a much of a distinction anymore. ES6 is just a standard part of JS now. But yeah, some of it seems weird at first.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:I see now . I will try to learn it every different ways. thank you for your encourage. :+1:

It will take some time to become comfortable with modern javascript. I’ve been doing javascript since there has been javascript and when es6 and later came out it took me quite a long time to understand it.

There are a lot of great tutorials here on fcc. Check out some of these:

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Thank you :grin: ok I will read that .

Nicely Said , Sure did help me .

Thanks for sharing .

Also if you haven’t done so already I good introductino to computer science will also help.

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