Finding it difficult with JavaScript

I have recently started JavaScript, and I have almost every single day been having some or the other issue in understanding concepts, while this used to happen previously too, it wasn’t as much . I have difficulty in figuring out what to do at times, while I understand the concepts, I cannot always recall what I need to do. I would really appreciate any form of help.


I just realised that I’ve been kind of setting expectations for myself to ace JavaScript like HTML and CSS. It isn’t really as hard, I’ve been overthinking a good deal

Yep, this keeps getting harder. Yep, what you’re experiencing is completely normal.

Just, as the motto says: read, search, ask.

This keeps getting harder, this is not easy. That’s why it pays really well.


Yeah, JS is more complicated than what came before. Whereas HTML and CSS are pretty descriptive and straightforward, JS has a lot of rules, a lot of “gotchas”, you’re managing data across large sections of the app, dealing with asynchronicity, etc. Just break it into small pieces and work on it. And realize that you won’t get it perfectly, and that’s OK.

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Yes, me being me. I like setting expectations of myself, cannot help but feel excited, and in the process, I really don’t learn properly like I should. Thanks for the replies, they were quite helpful

For me, programming in any language mostly comes down to practice, practice, and more practice.

When presented with a problem, try to break down the project into smaller and more manageable pieces that you can work with and understand. Luckily javascript is a very flexible language to use for OO or functional programming. This will help keep your solutions smaller and easier to work with over time.

Best of luck!

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Thanks!! I’ll try to break it down, I’m doing JavaScript everyday. It’s quite similar to maths .

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A good tactic when you feel this way is to pull things back and bit and focus on simple concepts.

Programming is a difficult skill to pick up initially and it takes a lot of practice. It will take time.

People who really love it will spend their entire career improving just that one skill which is only one among many skills that are required to build software especially for the web.

Thanks for the tip! I’ve already done that twice, I plan to do so again.

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