I came here for help please, I'm not a developer!

Hi, please help me solve these problems on my website:

  1. On the single product page, product variation heading is distorted. It appears vertically.
  2. On desktop, I have search box in my header and search icon at the same time, this happened when I changed header style in my theme settings. I want the search box, how can I remove search icon?
  3. In perfect woocommerce brands plugin, how can I make a selected product brand to appear as default in the brands filter instead of just having the word “brands”?

Sorry new user can only attach one image.
Thank you for your support.

Sorry to say you’re not going to get much help with just an image. We’d need to see the code itself or at the very least a link to the website.

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Post a snippet of your code, both the html and the css, otherwise we won’t be able to tell you what exactly your problem is

Hi. Here is the URL for the distorted product attribute. Problem 1

Other issues have been sorted. Thanks

You have not specified what is distorted in the url you provided. The more details you can give us of what you have tried vs. the results you are getting which you do not want, the better we can help point you in the right direction.

Also, while we are primarily here to help people with their Free Code Camp progress, we are open to people on other paths, too. Some of what you are asking is pretty trivial in the Free Code Camp context, so you might find that if you’re not getting the instruction and material you need in your current studies, the FCC curriculum will really help you get started. At a modest guess I’d say investing a 4-5 hours working through the curriculum here will really pay off. You can find the curriculum at https://freecodecamp.org.

With your current questions and information you have provided us, we don’t have enough context to know what you already know or don’t know, so it is impossible to guide you without just telling you the answer (which we won’t do).

It is pretty typical on here for people to share a codepen / jsfiddle example of what they have tried so that anyone helping has more of an idea of what help is actually helpful.

Please provide some example of what you’ve tried and I’m sure you’ll get more help.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m sorry I seem not to be communicating well, from the responses I am getting. If you read my initial post, you would see where I said I have zero knowledge of code. I was only looking for help with CSS that I can add as custom css in my customizer, and that’s how I found this forum. I am neither in code camp nor trying to learn code. I am a young pharmacist, building an online supplements & health food store, using a drag and drop theme. Just like I specified in my main post, the product attribute “size” is distorted, it appears vertically instead of the normal horizontal way I am typing right now, as you can see in the URL.

Usually when I have an issue, I would search online, and find that someone has had that same issue before, and someone had helped with a snippet. So I would just copy and paste in the custom css box in my customizer, and it would work like a charm! Unfortunately, I have searched online endlessly, but haven’t found anyone with this problem before.


As @RandellDawson already told you (very respectfully if I might add), this is not the place to ask that kind of question. If you’re not willing to learn how to code, I’d suggest hiring a programmer to do the job for you. If that’s not an option, Randell already pointed you into the right direction: Spend a good 4-5 hours on the FCC curriculum: https://freecodecamp.org, which is completely free, and you’re likely able to solve your problem on your own :slight_smile:

If after that you still can’t solve it, and are able to show us what you’ve tried in a Codepen, we’re more than happy to help you out!

Good luck!

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Yea, this is not the place obviously, since I have no career in programming, and even if I wanted to give it a try, it wouldn’t be at this time when I’m currently overwhelmed being a health care practitioner. Its great that you guys teach people to code for free. That’s a really good gesture. Well done! So how do I delete my account? Can’t see that in my account settings.