I can do this, i believe i can do this

Hi everyone,
Sometime i thinking that i can’t do it, i’m not good enough for find a job and living how programmer, but i always repeat to myself “I love coding”, because it’s true, i really love coding all the day, so every day i fight against the side of my mind that says that i’ve to give up

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I recognize this. I love coding too and I have fear of failure. I don’t think I’m the fastest student either.
Don’t give up. I got further than I ever believed was possible. I do believe that if you love something you are good enough for it because your mind still likes it. If something is really too hard for me, my mind asks me to stop. Your love is a good sign.
There have been moments of despair though. I stepped away from it, followed another coding course or did another project and went back to it later. l was lucky to find courses and people that helped me further. Somewhere in the future I discovered it wasn’t that difficult after all, just a bad patch I had to get through.
The strange is thing is that success can frighten me more than failure. When I have finished a project I need to breathe through the fear it creates. I suppose that is because when I’ve done that, it means I can start on something new and more difficult.

Be consistent and take it one step at the time and you will get there.


Howdy and welcome to the FCC forum and community!

How about trying doing some small coding projects?
Try to study more, create a little portfolio, a Github profile and teach others what you can do and how to do it.
I think it’s a good thing to you to do that and knowing well what you can do as a programmer can really change your life, as it does with me.

So, create something small right now about something you have in mind and go from there! A simple game, a little calculator, a good CSS animation, you name it!

Have a good day and have fun coding!

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