I cant make any progress

Hi everyone
I work more than 10 hours everyday with no weekends. I started learning web development over a year ago purchasing courses on udemy and subscribed to many youtube channel and still cant make a progress. How do i stay focused and finish what i started?

Many Thanks.

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Man find some motivation within yourself motive yourself , love what you do , Do it from your interest it you feel boor go out , all you need to do was stay happy with what are you doing …

Good mind Good Find

The only thing that works is beliving yourself
Find courage to do

one more tip:- just tell other you are perfect in JS They will beleive you with no actual evdience and it gives +ve effect that you find yourself really good in JS
Happy Coding
Wish You good life ahead


Well, only way you can make progress is when you pursue it DAILY! Take out 40-45 mins to solve around 5-6 challenges daily until you move to the JS section where reduce the target to 2. It takes time but don’t complete challenges for the sake of completion. Try to learn something new from every challenge. Its a hard and long path but eventually you will get there.


Thank you. I will try as much as i can and commit myself to it. Thanks buddy. God bless.

Thank you. I believe in myself that i can achieve this and commit myself to it everyday.

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Good You are Going Good Cause i beleive you Do

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I personally am not a big fan of paid courses, or video courses in general. They are great to get your feet wet with learning what there is to learn. But without every trying to apply the knowledge you won’t gain the skills and experience required for the task.

I say if your time is limited, then you should spend your time efficiently learning what you want to know. If you want to learn web development, then start right now. I mean don’t go out and try to learn things, I mean try to setup a website/webapp in the next 2-3 days.

Yea that task might sound impossible, especially if you don’t know what your doing, but in trying to do so, you will learn vastly more than watching someone on udemy do it. Odds are you will get stuck at some point. This is when grit comes in, since you can end up trying 500 different approaches to a problem and get nowhere, but that means you learned 500 different ways to fail, and in doing so you will learn vastly more knowledge than watching someone walk thru it without any trouble at all on udemy.

Finally, with only a few hours a day your progress will be slow, and difficult. Time is time, without it you wont be able to progress very fast regardless of what your learning. Life might not give you the time you want, but it is what it is. Just don’t be worried or surprised if it takes you months to get to the same place as someone with plenty of free time. As long as you are progressing, learning, struggling, you are making progress, the only thing that really is a stop-gate is if you stop, give up, or keep getting stuck with the same exact trivial errors without learning how to overcome them.

Learning web development is not easy, and takes time. There are no shortcuts, but if it was easy everyone would do it.

Goodluck, keep building :smile: :


You can make progress with a project. Think about any project and try to improve it. It doesn’t matter to work 10 hours a day. It is important how efficient you are working.


You learn by taking action not watching an udemy course or youtube video. Start a project that matters to you and that can help other people and learn by doing.

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I suggest trying the #100daysofcode challenge,

even if it is not the one hour but you can do only 20 mins every day, just set down and write your own code for 20 mins every day - for example the projects on freecodecamp can be a good place to start (you don’t need to do all the challenges if you are already familiar with the topics, you can see the whole curriculum and go directly to the projects)


Thank you soo much. I really apprecialte your advice. i will start will fcc projects and start coding everyday regardless of the little time i have. Thanks again. Much appreciated.

happy coding.

Thank you soo much. I will start with a building a simple project and make progress each and everyday. Thanks once again.

Thank. I will start with a project.

You have to “therapeutically” trick yourself. Don’t look at me, I’m better at giving advice than following it. Aren’t we all?

But the trickery is simply your ego convincing your inner desires that the way they’ll be satisfied is by doing some good work. It will be a complex and very personal relationship between your “id” inner self and your ego (like the conscious part of your mind). The reason I say “therapeutically” is because it needs to be done over time. The reason I say trickery is because sheer force of will will fail many times. Your ego doesn’t motivate you ultimately… it’s the “id” which has all the power. You can only manipulate your “id” to apply its motivation well, you can never command it. Think of it like a horse you’re riding.

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Try to use your knowledge using take any problem for real world (there are many web site which you can ref) and apply it then you feel your knowledge is worth of doing something

or you can do any freelancing work .

if you need some work ping me i have too much :wink::wink:



Hey Idris. This is Idris, lol. You can totally do it! Just spend 30 minutes a day on FCC. if you feel you aren’t making proress, consider doing Wes Bos’ 30 Days of JS after watching Brad Traversy’s tutorials on Vanilla JS and ES6.

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start doing a road map,


html > css > js

or you can use this

github web developer roadmap (search it in google), i can’t post links yet sorry.

I find what helps me is try to remove as many distractions as possible. Make routine time for yourself to work on small goals, whether it’s just writing a simple function or completing several challenges. Joining a Discord chat group with like-minded people working towards similar goals also helps when you need some direction, motivation or stuck on a problem you’ve spent too long on.

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Hi idrisdiba1,

Here’s another thing you could do.

Start coding in the early hours of the day. Get out of bed half an hour earlier than usual and start coding or studying on FCC. After that, just start your workday as usual.

And in the evening, get some rest, don’t study and make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night. That is as important as that half hour of code in the morning.

Without time to relax and do nothing special and without enough sleep learning is much more difficult.

Why code in the morning? Your brain is still fresh and relaxed after a full night’s sleep. It’s a very good time of the day to study or to be creative.

What also might help is this course at Coursera:

It’s free if you don’t go for a certificate but just audit the course. It’s also short, just a few hours. And full of very useful information about learning online in an efficient way.


one word for you : ALGORITHMS.