I created my first CRUD. It's a Task Manager. Please give me your feedback

Hello! I developed my first CRUD and wanted to get some feedback from real users. With my web app you can create tasks, set a deadline for their completion (or set no deadline at all), edit a previously created task, mark it as completed and also, of course, delete previously created tasks.

The app is available in two languages (English and Portuguese), in addition to having two color schemes (light and dark/day and night). Setting the language and color scheme is done by the user within the application itself. Tasks and settings are stored on the browser’s local storage.

The user can also arrange the order in which tasks are displayed. The app is 100% responsive, with a design focused on the mobile experience.

You can access the app clicking here. It’s hosted on GitHub Pages.

Please tell me what you think!!!

App is super cool , I just wanted a little faster animation

Thank you! Which animation are you talking about?

Add new task button animation(just a little bit faster)

Impressive. Clean and simple.

Just a few comments.

  1. Green color as “completed” should only be a complement to a visual “icon”. Green is not enough. It must be more clear for color blind.
  2. When editing, normally the old text will be filled in as a default. You may only adding a question mark. You should not have to write all stuff again.

You’ve created a keyboard trap when entering the deadline. As soon as I tab into the input I cannot do anything with my keyboard, not even tab out of it.

function onkeydown(event) {
  return false

You weren’t planning on keeping it like this, were you :slight_smile:

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